How to plant tomato

Planting time is coming here in Zone 3, last frost date is already pass which is May 23rd. Hardy plant like carrot, fava bean, green peas , beet can be done in April. But heat loving plant like tomato and pepper is better out after last frost, if any chance already out before last frost date, make sure cover them when cold night coming with milk jug will work or blanket frost. If it planted on planter , then just bring them in when the cold temperature come


How to plant tomato

This is how I plant tomato:

  1. Prepare the planting hole, deeper than the original planter, put crushed egg shell, fish ( frozen or fresh will work , no salty one , no smoke one), couple tablet of multivitamin ( I used my hubby’s multivitamin that expire), vit D and Calcium ( I have one that combo in one tablet.
  2. Cover the natural fertilizer with about 1 inch of soil, put the tomato plant deeper or lay them side way ( flat), this will ensure to make more root and get stronger plant.
  3. Cover the plant with soil but make it like mounding dirt, so water will not puddle up around the plant , and keep the leaf dry without touching the dirt.
  4. I happen to have red plastic mulch which is really good to retain moisture on soil and what I read somewhere that it will improve the ripening tomato. You can mulch it grass clipping ( without herbicide ), natural wood bark mulch ( make sure without color added), straw bale or even weed barrier.
  5. Water under neat the red mulch or even on the surface is fine, because it has little holes on the plastic mulch , so water will seeping through. Put tomato cage or bamboo stake on each plant . Done.

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