We stay in Seminyak, Bali, so these are the best restaurants I went. All have beautiful and unique decorations on its own. From the modern structure type to the traditional one, all are interesting without sacrifice the flavor of their menu.

1. Sabeen


Located in the heart of Seminyak, within short walking distances from the villa I stay. Sabeen serve Asian and international dish. The price was affordable for four of us, still below $100, that includes drink, main course, appetizer. We had nasi campur (it is a rijstaffel dish with all traditional Balinese dish on one plate), fried rice, fried noodle, drinks. They have live music band there, and we can request a song we like. Sabeen restaurant is attached to The Haven Hotel , but the restaurant is in the front easily accessible from the main road. I like Sabeen, but it is too formal for us. Continue reading


We arrived in Bali on Wednesday evening after very long travel time for total 26 hours with transit twice and lay over included. Tired and jet lag but still so excited to see a beautiful tropical place. We stay at the villa in Seminyak for total two weeks. If we need to go around, we can just walk, use a taxi, rent motorcycle, uber or rent the car with driver included. Driving yourself is not recommended there as the traffic is always busy. We arranged the specific trip with our great driver, he knows all the spot for us as a family with little kid, he even got us a good deal on some tickets for certain attraction there.

If we don’t have a schedule to go on a trip then we just stay at the villa, enjoy the sunshine and swim in the swimming pool at the villa, do some shopping for souvenir or food. Lucky us, the villa is in the middle of Seminyak close to all amenities within short walking distance.

We still managed to visit 10 destinations within a short distance, and still back to the villa in the evening, no need to move or book another villa, except if we want to go far north or cross the sea to get to another island.

Here we have 10 things to do and see in Bali for two weeks, perfect for single or couple traveler, backpacker or family with little kids.

1.Double Six Beach

Double Six Beach

Also called Seminyak Beach, a beautiful beach with blue water, white and beige sandy beach. The beach has lots of space to move around, no crowd, big enough wave for surfing, or just playing by the beach look for some seashells. We can rent a lounge chair with an umbrella or bean bag there. If we had never surfed before, there is lots of group of people offered surf class for 200K Rupiahs for two hours. They will take your picture while you surf and ready to purchase when the course was done.

Our villa is in the heart of Seminyak, so we only walk to the beach for about 10 minutes, sometimes we call uber too. There is also some souvenir store along the road to the beach. All kind of traditional Balinese Trinket you can imagine, you just need to bargain for the price there.  Continue reading


How to fold clothes for a trip

My family is going for a trip to Indonesia. I asked each of my kids to pick their own clothes to bring for three weeks trip. I was quite surprised how much clothes, books, shoes and all accessories they picked. I tried to sort it out again, so it will fit in the suitcase and no need to do much laundry while we are there. For three weeks trip that includes visiting some of the historical places, nice beaches, sightseeing in the rice field, some fun park to visit, and I am sure there are so many interesting places worth a visit, that’s mean we need a simple and comfortable outfit for tropical warm and humid weather. Continue reading


Lake KoocanusaWe went camping trip to Lake Koocanusa  by Eureka . We knew it was lots of forest fire there. So, we were not allow to have fire in camping site. The lake is so beautiful, it is just 2 minutes walk down the hill from our camping site. It is a very big lake perfect for boating , swimming or just enjoy the sun by the beach. Continue reading


johnston canyon and two jack lake

Family trip to mountain . Decided to have picnic lunch in Two Jack Lake and hike to Johnston Canyon. Continue reading