Our tenant

Do you have tenant in your yard? Obviously not human, like I mean bird, maybe racoon, or maybe skunk ? oh noooo…no skunk….they sure cute, but I am sure there is one reason that everyone agree don’t want any skunk in their yard.

Last year we had little bird, nesting in the birdhouse my daughter made. I forgot the name of the bird, maybe someone can remind me about it . They are cute with their little chirping voice. This spring they came back and nest in the same birdhouse, maybe the same bird or maybe their kids from last season.IMG_5533

Also in our front porch, we have pigeon. We have never get any bird nesting in the porch because we put spike on the potential spot for nest .There was robin nested on the spike but she left it there, and never came back. So pigeon decided to use the abandoned nest. Then we have baby pigeon now, learning to fly, mommy and daddy keep watching her ( maybe him ? not sure, lol ) from neighbour roof.


They are sure cute, but what a mess….you know….that mess….


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