Planting Celery From Grocery Produce

Do you like celery? Are you trying to plant celery? Are you trying to compare the easy way to plant celery between seed starting, plant starter from the nursery, or from cutting? Well, between three of them, I only try planting celery from plant starter and cutting. The easiest way of all is from cutting. You can get celery plant in short time.

celery plant from grocery

I always put celery on my weekly grocery shopping list. I use the celery stalk for kids lunch kit, soup, stir-fry, pot roast, salad. But I actually love the celery leaves better. I use the leaves for stir-fry, soup, pot roast, replace the parsley for garnish, salad, just about anything savory dish. The celery from the grocery store only has a bunch of stalks but few leaves, so I regrow the celery from this.

celery base

celery base on water

celery leave shoot on water

It is very easy to do it, and you don’t need a big yard to have celery plant. A deep 12-inch planter with good potting soil is good enough to plant celery. This is what I did all the time in the summer, I grow them on the planter, put them on the deck and keep the soil moist.

celery root on water

celery root on water (1)

What you need for planting celery from grocery produce:

  • The celery base cutting
  • A drinking glass, a bottle or mason jar, anything you have available on hand.
  • Water, I use reverse osmosis water, because I have softened water, I find that using reverse osmosis water is better for this, the water from drinking bottle is also good.


  • Put a quarter cup of water on the glass.
  • Put the celery base cutting on the glass so it will sit on water.
  • Put the glass on the kitchen windowsill or by the countertop.
  • Keep checking the water level, if it almost all evaporated, just add more water.
  • In the next few days, you will notice the new leaves shoot is coming out, and in about 7 to 10 days there will be some roots forming.
  • If the celery plant has enough roots already, prepare your planting medium, a good potting soil is enough for this. Just move the celery plant to the planting medium close to the surface, cover the root with more soil, water the soil.
  • If you still waiting for spring coming and would like to keep the celery plant inside, you can plant it on the small container so it will fit on the windowsill or countertop, but always get sunshine for few hours a day.
  • When it is ready to move the plant outside after the last frost, make sure hardening it off first, by gradually move it outside for an hour on the shade, and move it back inside, then next day increase the time to two hours, keep adding time and gradually put the plant on the bright sunny day every day up to two week. By the two week hardening off process, the plant is ready to be left outside whole summer. If the frost still coming once a while, you can bring the plant back inside, or cover it with blanket frost. This process is time-consuming if you have lots of indoor plant starting, but it is reducing the plant shock from the nice and cozy indoor environment to the outside that is more open to the air condition, sunshine, wind, rain, and bugs.
  • For fertilizer, I just use no sugar tea water, or fish emulsion, or kelp. If I cook fish that doesn’t have another ingredient on the packaging, I will put water on that plastic packaging then just water the celery plant with it.
  • Celery love water a lot, so keep the soil moist during the growing season.

celery root

celery plant

That’s what I do to have more celery plant for the easiest way. I am not expert on growing plant, I just have square foot raised garden boxes in my backyard. I do garden for hobby, I grow so many plants on it, and I always make sure it is organic mean I only fertilize them with store bought organic matter or from kitchen scrap.

Planting Celery From Grocery Produce

Are you still planning to plant celery? Would you like to try this easy way? Write a comment, and take a picture of your celery plant, tag #craftyforhome on Instagram and don’t forget to pin it on Pinterest.


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