Carrot in October

Carrot in October

It is the time of the year again, harvest the last batch of carrots. My garden is in zone 3. So that is the last frost around May 23rd and the first frost is around September 12. Some years, the first frost came early, some years came a little later. This year has been a great summer, lots of sunshine, and not much snow in around the first frost.

So, I usually harvest the last batch of carrot in November, the snow and light frost actually make it sweeter. But I decided to just dig them all and will keep them in the dark cool place.

Funny shape carrot
I got a lot of carrot from my 3 ft by 4 ft garden box. I can say it would be enough until the next three month, but I shared them with my family members and friends.

Planting carrot is easy, as long as the ground is workable with plenty of compost or manure and keep the ground moist. It can grow on plant pot too if there isn’t enough space to grow it. With the number of crops we got from our raised garden box, gardening in short growing season is possible. That’s why I love free food.

14 thoughts on “Carrot in October

  1. tonytomeo says:

    ICK! I will eat just about anything; but I HATE carrots! My great niece can not grow enough of them, probably because she knows how much I hate them. She is taking over my mother’s garden (her great grandmother’s garden) just like I did when I was that age. (I planted nasturtiums everywhere, probably because my Pa considers them to be weeds.)

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    • Crafty For Home says:

      Luckily, my little one love carrots, she actually will just eat carrots from garden, same with strawberries, but I still think I got too much carrot this season 😊, and I had never get any luck planting nasturtium considering this is one of the easiest plant to grow, idk

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    • Crafty For Home says:

      I start planting seed in February indoor, but mostly direct seeding in April, it is actually not much work other than weeding or watering three days a week, I found it therapeutic when I see plant keep growing, kids love to help me garden too.


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